Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Desires of Her Heart by Lyn Cote

Forced to move to Texas because of her father's terrible financial decisions, Dorritt finds herself the only one in the group being able to make logical decisions until they come across tracker Quinn, who immediately finds himself drawn to Dorritt's sensibility. Plunging deeper and deeper into Texas, Dorritt finds herself being more willing to stand up to her bully of a step father and attracted to Quinn, whose background makes him unsuitable. When Dorritt is kidnapped, she suddenly has to decide exactly what she wants out of her life.

Genre: historical, romance

Rating: 4/5

I preface this review by saying I was shocked when Lyn Cote responded to my last review of one of her other books, in particular because she was so gracious when I REALLY did not like the main character of the book and made that known. She's a good writer and I'd already started reading another of her books in hopes that my reaction would be more favorable. It was, albeit I still had some character issues, but some of them were resolved by the end.

First off, I was afraid Dorritt was going to fall in the same category of female character I hate as she backed down all the time in every confrontation, but eventually her character started taking charge and surprisingly tells off some people. Quinn wasn't really that interesting to me, but two minor characters in Ash and Reva were. I'd read a book just about them. In fact, a lot of the secondary characters were interesting to me. Dorritt's family were one dimensional though. Her father was horrible with no redeeming qualities, her sister a spoiled brat and her mother passive to the point of being catatonic. Dorritt actually develops as a character believably and this makes for a fairly enjoyable historical romance.

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  1. I don't know why my commenting should shock you. When you post things on the Internet, people do read them. :-)

    I loved Ash and Reva too. And glad you found the book fairly enjoyable.

    I don't expect every reader to love all my books (or any really). Some books speak to a heart and not to another. That's the way it is-reading is very personal and a reader brings all that they are to the book. I don't know how that works, but I know some books speak to me and others don't.

    Thanks for reading 2 of my books and commenting. I think you might enjoy my Bette.

    Happy Reading!