Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Vampire of Venice Beach by Jennifer Colt

Kerry and Terry are twin private investigators who find themselves working as security for the queen of the California Goth scene. When Ephemera turns up dead, the twins must figure out just who wanted her out of the picture. Rubbing shoulders with some of the most sinister people around, things get more complicated when it becomes questionable if Ephemera has been killed at all, while some other people DEFINITELY end up dead. And then there's Kerry's confused love life.

Genre: mystery

Rating: 2.5/5

The mystery part of this novel was actually pretty good and twisty enough to keep my interest in figuring out what happened, but I did NOT like a good chunk of the characters. While it was fine that the person they were trying to help didn't exactly deserve their aid, some of the characters that were supposed to be liked were really obnoxious. Kerry's on again, off again policeman boyfriend was over bearing and sort of pushy and smug. Someone with a personality as strong as Kerry's made no sense being with him. Secondly Terry is annoying. She is destructive and sabotages Kerry's life for no other reason than that she feels left out. She's a grown woman, but she's completely irresponsible and refuses to own up to any of her mistakes and worse yet, Kerry lets her get away with it. Terry is a thoroughly unlikable character and fro her to be the other major character, it really made the book not all that enjoyable.

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