Monday, February 6, 2012

The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson

Cameryn is back as an assistant forensic scientist to her father. This time she's struggling with the re-entrance of her long lost mother into her life. Unsure of who to trust with all her secrets, her life is turned even more upside down by Kyle, one of the most desirable boys at her school, who shows a sudden intense interest in her. But Cameryn still has confused feelings for deputy Justin who has always supported her. Then there's the odd death of the English teacher, whose eyes were literally burned out of his head and his insides cooked. There's a lot going on in Cameryn's life.

Genre: mystery

Rating: 4/5

This series is exceptionally good when it comes to forensics. It's like CSI for YA readers. I found this second book in the series weaker than the first though. First off, the method of murder was questionable. I literally still don't know if you can kill a person how the murderer did. Secondly, is Cameryn going to get kidnapped by a murderer every book? Because this is twice now. I can buy once, but twice is starting to look like you're negligent as a detective. Cameryn is hard to like in this novel as she's keeping too many secrets from people and has started to shut her friends and family out of her life. Her treatment of Lyric is painful to watch as is her brushing off of Justin, who obviously likes her. Her behavior is understandable and within character, but it still makes her not terribly pleasant this round. The book is good though, just not as strong as the first novel.

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