Thursday, September 29, 2011

Persistence of Memory by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Erin is a schizophrenic who has long dealt with a violent personality called Shevaun. Institutionalized most of her life, Erin just wants to start fitting in to normal life and get better. But it turns out Shevaun is real and she is linked together with Erin through their minds. And she's not happy about it. She and her lover Adjila are determined to sever her connection to Erin, even if that means killing her. But Erin has made some friends of the shapeshifter variety who are determined to protect her. That is if Erin is willing to believe them and not continue to keep insisting everything is just part of her schizophrenia.

Genre: supernatural

Rating: 3.5/5

Once again I had trouble with not being able to figure out what Rhodes was talking about sometimes. She's a very concise writer, which may not be a problem except for the fact that she seems to have a whole world built in her head for her characters, but doesn't explain it the whole way, which often left me confused as to what was happening. This book WAS better as a stand alone then All Just Glass. The lack of details on why Shevaun had so many split personalities was the confusing part of this one. Or the back story on why Erin didn't know she had special powers. Or how Adjila was involved.

The other issue I have is that the covers of these books are never atttractive. You'd think they could get the author some better cover art. Erin wasn't a bad character, but her insistance that she was crazy rather than believing everyong around her got old after a while. If was probably a realistic response, but an annoying one, none the less. Atwater-Rhodes is a good author for those students who may have trouble reading longer books. Her writing is much shorter and she gets to the point, but that doesn't always make it less confusing.

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  1. This is the first I hear of this book. The blurb does sound interesting though but I hate it when everything it not explained in a book and you're just like.. huh?. And I agree, that cover is not cute! haha

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