Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Lipstick Laws by Amy Holder

After accidentally attracting the attention of Britney Taylor, who rules the social scene at school with an iron fist, April Bower is at first flattered. What can going along with some of Britney's more ridiculous social quirks hurt? But the more April is involved with the high school queen, the more she's uncomfortable with Britney's vicious social maneuvering. After accidentally getting on the wrong side of her former friend, April finds herself the target of cruel bullying by Britney and her entourage. Rather than let Britney win, April starts a counter attack, leading to battle lines being drawn at school and April needing to decide whether she wants to be known as a nice girl, or get even.

Genre: contemporary

Rating: 4/5

Not a bad book mainly on the strength of the main character. April is a likable girl. She's no saint, but she's not so blindly stupid that she's sucked in to Britney's superficiality without questioning what's going on. She enjoys the popularity, but is bothered by Britney's meanness. And rather than this turning into a book about a girl cruelly bullied, April gets even. She's smart and tough enough to organize her own group of friends and actually ends up finding girls like her who are also loyal and unique. Not only does April end up getting the greater revenge, but she also comes out being the bigger person, but it's not without being honestly tempted to humiliate Britney. In other words, this book was light and cute and had a likable heroine who may have been sucked in by a high school piranha, but who is smart enough to stand up for herself.

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