Saturday, October 29, 2011

In My Mailbox (16)


Huge haul this week because I started buying my supply of World Historical Fiction challenge books. I've found a copy of the reference book World Historical Fiction from some years back and I intend to take a time traveling world tour through it.

From Booksfree:

100 Mistakes That Changed History- Blunders that led to world changing out come.

Airhead- Tomboy Em ends up in a bizarre accident that ends her up in the body of super model Nikki Howard

Majix- Serious teen witch Susan attempts to navigate through high school unscathed.

From Amazon:

Turtle Beach- In 1979, a female Australian reporter is caught in the cultural clash surrounding refugees from Malaysia

Hermitage Among the Clouds- In 14th century Vietnam, Amazing Jewel pursues peace after her father defends the Viets against the Mongols

The Singapore Grip- Members of a British family in Singapore in the 1930s realize too late that they aren't invincible as the Japanese invade

King Rat- A man becomes the unofficial ruler of a prison camp in WWII as he breeds prison rats for food

Eagle Station- Air Force pilots protect Eagle Station's radar in 1968 in Vietnam and wait for rescue

Slow Dance on the Killing Ground- Special Forces in the Vietnam War get rid of undesirable factions of all kinds

The Angkor Massacre- As the revolution of the Khmer begins, a group of different people become involved with Frenchman Lara

Jasmine Nights- Justin, living with his eccentric aunts outside Bangkok in 1963 while his parents work secretly for the US government, learns about American ways from his friend Virgil

The Cambodia File- When Pol Pot's regime takes over Cambodia in 1975, Than Kim barely survives the ensuing chaos

The Scent of the Gods- Su Yen has grown up as an orphan who is baffled about the differences among the people in her home as Singapore becomes a nation

Copilli- Prince Copilli, Aztec warrior, ultimately sacrifices himself for his people

From the school library:

Rise of a Hero- Three young people struggle against the Hrum that have overtaken the kingdom of Farsala

Fire Dragon- A Chinese immigrant and his family at the turn of the century struggle to get by in San Francisco

Master Skylark- A young boy with a beautiful voice is taken away from Stratford-on-Avon by a theatrical group, but more than anything he wishes to be back home with his family

Bright Candles- The experiences of a sixteen-year-old Danish boy during the German occupation of his country in World War II.

Ranger of '76- A young boy gets involved in the American Revolution

The Faraway Lurs- Tells the story of Heather, a girl of the Tree People, who falls in love with Wolf Stone, the son of the chieftain of the Sun People.

Campion Towers- Penitence Hervey, visiting her dead mother's family in England, is drawn into the conflict between Cavaliers and Roundheads, but finds love in the process.


  1. Wow a big haul this week! alot of there are new to me.

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Huge haul! I read King Rat back in high school and I loved it! A great book. Happy reading!

    Kira @ Mrs. Boswell's Book Bag
    My IMM

  3. Huge haul indeed!! So many of these sound really interesting!

    Old follower, In My Mailbox