Monday, July 25, 2011

TV Interlude: Falling Skies


I wasn't sure what to expect out of this show when it first came on, but I've fallen in love with it. Aliens have attacked the world and are killing adults and stealing children to turn them into what seems like slaves. Yet as the survivors continue to battle the aliens (called Skitters) and try to get back some of the children, strange things begin to surface, such as the fact that the aliens actually seem to care for the children and some of the children who have been freed from their captors are acting strangely and seem to want to return to the aliens.

After not seeing him in what feels like forever, Noah Wylie is back and lovely as Tom Mason, a man who isn't a fighter, but who has lost his wife and is determined to save his sons. Moon Bloodgood is also in the series as a nurse trying to deal with all the casualties, and she is also lovely. I had always wished she could find a series to lead in as she's such a nice actress and this one suits her. Scene stealing ends up being Drew Roy as Tom's oldest son Hal. He's a nice kid. A bit cocky and a jock, but also extremely loyal, kind, and has a fighter's head and attitude. He'll protect his brothers if it's the last thing he does and Roy is excellent as a teenager who has had to become a man very very quickly. There are flashes of uncertainty to him, being so young, but Roy's underlying charm also makes him a character you really invest in. You want him to get a girl and be a leader and just survive the whole ordeal. Shocking to me, because the last time I saw this actor he was on the Disney channel or something.


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