Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Poker Diaries by Liza Conrad

Lulu has the best of both worlds. Her mother is uptown New York society and her father is a downtown gambler. Lulu is a poker prodigy herself and despite both her parents' reservations, she enjoys back room games at her grandfathers. Things only get really complicated when one of her uptown friends loses to some shady poker players and Lulu is forced to become involved in a high stakes poker game. Not only does her lying threaten her relationship with her parents and her downtown boyfriend, but being involved with illegal poker puts her at risk of ruining the campaign of her mother's new boyfriend, the mayor of New York.

Genre: contemporary

Rating: 4/5

Fast, cute little read about the world of poker. Lulu is a tough, no nonsense New York girl who doesn't understand why her parents have a problem with her choices of enjoying the less fancy side of her life. She particularly takes offense that they judge her sweet, but rough around the edges boyfriend as someone not good for her. This would be a good book for reluctant readers as the action is fast paced and the book very short. It was nice to see a blended family where everyone got along and a feisty girl who tries to solve her own problems.

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