Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eden by Keary Taylor

After a virus that turns humans into mindless, homicidal machines is leashed on the world, Eve finds herself with no memories of her past living among a group of survivors. When a mysterious boy shows up who seems to know Eve, she's suddenly caught up in a whirlwind of conflict as it is revealed she is the original experiment that lead to the creation of the Fallen. Eve is faced with deciding whether she wants to be human and feel emotions and also choosing between two men, the one who knew her before and the one she's grown close to now. When their tentative home is attacked, the whole group is forced to find a new place to survive.

Genre: fantasy

Rating: 4/5

This was a surprisingly good book. Eve is a tough character who has a good excuse for not being able to choose between the two males set in front of her. She literally doesn't have emotions and doesn't really know what feeling love is. As her memories start to return she starts to behave more like a human. The main complaint I have is that she chooses the more boring of the two men. This is a book mainly about Eve's journey though. The focus isn't on whether the men are handsome or fawning over her, it's about Eve trying to figure out what she wants and how to stop the Fallen.

The beginning definitely starts out faster and more enjoyable. The books slows down when the romance aspect hits, but it's still well written. It just might give a boy who'd started reading it thinking it was one thing pause when he suddenly realized there was a lot of romance going on. Still a good book and the first novel I've finished on Kindle.

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