Monday, January 16, 2012

The Darcy Cousins by Monica Fairview

Trouble abounds for Georgiana Darcy when her lively cousin Clarissa comes to live with the family in England. Completely disregarding conventional society rules, Clarissa flirts and charms her way through society, leaving Georgiana in awe and wanting to copy her popular cousin. But as Georgiana starts to change to match Clarissa, she begins to wonder if maybe they're going too far and earns the attention of several men, some more deserving of her than others. Added to this is the curious case of Anne, who has completely disappeared from the domineering control of her mother, Lady Catherine.

Genre: historical

Rating: 4/5

I've read plenty of continuations of Pride and Prejudice, many of them not very good based on the fact they just feel like romance novels with the same characters. Fairview at least tries to keep with the original spirit of the characters, some with more success than others. The book itself has a strong enough plot line. The addition of other characters allows for more action than just leaving the same characters. Many of Bennetts are absent from the novel, as it focuses more on Darcy's extended family and focuses mainly on character that there was either little written about originally or original characters that the author can do what she wants with. This makes it a bit easier to buy into as a book and actually pretty enjoyable. The main complaints are that the book ends rather abruptly and the author makes the same mistake I've seen others make by having Elizabeth seem a bit more passive than she's originally written. I would expect Elizabeth to have a little more sass to her than the book allows. Other than that it is a pretty enjoyable book in its own right.

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