Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Z by Michael Thomas Ford

Years after the zombie virus plague, Josh is an avid gamer who participates in virtual reality games that involve hunting down and torching zombies. Despite his parents' disapproval, he plays secretly and meets Charlie, a talented female gamer who introduces him to a group that plays the game in real life. Josh starts to wonder just how real the game is though as he gets more involved in a shady underworld and is introduced to a drug called "Z". Pretty soon Josh realizes he's in over his head and perhaps the zombie plague isn't quite as dead as he'd been led to believe.

Genre: fantasy

Rating: 4.5/5

Considering the outpouring of zombie fiction lately, there's a lot of crap. Thankfully this one was actually a pretty good novel mainly because it wasn't really a zombie novel per se. This is a world forged after a zombie apocalypse (which is really more like a rage virus than actual rising of the dead) and the threat is from people, not really zombies in most cases. This book works more like a thriller than actual horror and while it's sort of sketchy in places, it would be enjoyable for just about any reader who likes action even if they don't like zombies. My main complaint is that Charlie sort of turned into a simpering female who needed saving in the end, which seemed out of character for a girl who had been so tough up to that point.

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