Saturday, August 20, 2011

In My Mailbox (8)


From the school library:

Funny Little Monkey- Finally having enough of his much larger brother's taunting, Arty joins a bizarre underground group at his school in this black comedy

Persistence of Memory- Erin finds that she has a split personality that is actually an age old vampire who some nasty people are trying to free from her.

All Just Glass- Former vampire hunter Sarah has been turned by a boy she thought she loved. Her mother has started a war with the vampires and has ordered her sister Aida to kill her.

Book rental from Booksfree:

Ivy- Raised in a family of thieves, Ivy becomes a model for a painter and must deal with her laudanum addiction.

13 to Life- A new boy in town brings danger and mystery with him for Jessie after her mother's death.

Slayed- Reluctant vampire slayer Daphne wishes for a normal life and meets her first potential boyfriend in the clan of a rival group of slayers.

Girl on the Other Side- Tabby and Lora are as different in their social groups as night and day, but their lives crash together as things start unraveling for both of them.

She Devils- True stories of the world's most notorious female serial killers.

Dark Mirror- Sent away to a reform school because of her magic abilities, Lady Victoria befriends people her age with powers who are proud to use them.

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